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Saving Mr. Banks - A film about the making of Mary Poppins

Oh my goodness.

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney.
Meryl Streep as P.L. Travers.

Disney is working to acquire the rights to a movie script about the struggle between Walt Disney & P.L. Travers (the author) while Mary Poppins was being brought to the screen.

Read more here....

This would be incredible!!!
I would die.
The exposure that P.L. Travers would gain would be amazing.
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*** Friends Only ***

This journal is back in business ;-)
Planning lots of activity in the near future.
Comment to be added and see all the drama-fabulousness.

Talk to you soon!
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make it official

I officially wish and wish and wish all those things I said about the pumpkin and the mice and the rats!

Because these daft and dew-y eyed dopes keeps building up impossible hopes impossible! things are happ'ning every day
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I was giddy like a schoolgirl all night.

Dear Reader, (that's YOU, dear LJer)

I am sorry that I quit your presence yesterday. I was not online in the least. At all, even. I do not regret telling you that, from precisely (almost) 3PM to 3AM, a young woman was occupying my time. Collapse ) Mmmmm. love love love.
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That son of a *slams door*

k so... the director's cut of Darling Lili is pretty spectacular.
Julie Andrews - Rock Hudson, 1970. Directed by Blake Edwards.
It probably wouldn't have flopped if this cut was the original. heh.

Bill: I have champagne, caviar, marinated truffles, brilliant fagara and half a dozen assorted Hungarian gypsies.
Lili: Sounds delicious.
Bill: I thought we'd go on a picnic.
Lili: At three in the morning?
Bill: It's the best time--no ants.
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I thoroughly enjoyed it.
My favorite bit was probably when the lieutenant motions for a kiss on the cheek, and she kisses him on the lips and everyone goes "ooooooooOOOOO!"... *squee* Yeah... good stuff.
And.. um.. her freckles come out when she's mad. It's nice.

p.s.... 'cause there's a fast Paris, and there's a...slow Paris, we'll do the whole-big-sex-y potpourri, Oui! 'cause baby I'm going to make you at home...
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Post anything you want anonymously here-- even if we don't talk very often. It can be what you think of me, what you think of yourself, a secret desire, wish, hope, and/or just a secret! Put this in your journal and I'll write something there.