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You know what you need? You need a good........ time.

Jenny Adelphi Dark

one life to live
Time slipping, drifting, vanishing
And stuck in this reverie
I am conscious of all this
Existential discomfort
And it feels familiar and isolated
defenseless, powerless, defeated.
But… alive.
So so so so so so so
Alive and raw and ugly-beautiful.
Magnifying and captivating,
Exacerbated; sweet.
Your arms so close and so warm;
But not for me.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~general words of description~ (i stole the idea! tx whoosh)

sincere. extrovert. funny. crazy. actress. drama queen. stressed. ambitious. bookworm. queen of trivial tidbits. grammar queen. theater fiend. trustworthy. reliable. horse lover. relish.


2am, absolutely fabulous, all about eve, ani difranco, audrey hepburn, beagles, bebe neuwirth, being drama fabulous, belinda carlisle, bernadette peters, bette davis, bird york, broadway, camp laurel, ccy, celtic woman, celtic-at-heart, charlotte brontë, cheap french pop, chocolate, choir, colin firth, daniel massey, danielle mckee, david hyde pierce, daydreams, design on a dime, diana rigg, dorothy parker, dreams, edvard munch, emma peel, england, english lit, fairy tales, fanfiction, fashion, federico fellini, film, flashdance, flowers, flying, frank sinatra, frasier, french anything, gene tierney, gertrude lawrence, getting mail, givenchy, gone with the wind, greenery, gypsy, haute couture, helen mirren, helena bonham carter, helene segara, history, history battle royale, horses, hugs, ice cream, indie films, into the woods, irish dance invasion, irving penn, james garner, jane austen, julia roberts, julie andrews, katharine hepburn, kurt weill, lady in the dark, las vegas, law & order, leonard bernstein's candide, lisa-méav-Ớrla-chloë-máiréad, ma vie en rose, mary poppins, medea, meryl streep, modern rock, moss hart, music, musicals, my dog, myrna loy, naps, new rochelle, new york, new york city, noël coward, p.l. travers, patsy stone, perfumes, pizza, playbills, poetry, post-it notes, princess leia, private lives, project runway, psychology, rain, reading, really old greek dramas, rough magic, royal crown revue, sabrina, seddi, shakespeare, shopping, singing, skirts, squirrels, star wars, star wars original trilogy, star!, stephen sondheim, sticky notes, summer, sutton foster, tap, tech, the 20s, the 30s, the 40s, the 60s, the 80s, the avengers, the dresden dolls, the hours, the new republic, the saga of jenny, the thin man movies, theatre, thunderstorms, trains, travelling, trivia, victor/victoria, vintage everything, violin, walking the dog, will & grace, william powell, woodland experimental theatre, writing, yoga